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About the Leading Edge Academy

The Leading Edge Academy was founded in 1993 and has earned a reputation for academic excellence, maintaining a safe and supportive learning environment and having a faculty of outstanding teachers. Our cross-curricular, three-year program links subjects together for a well-rounded and connected educational experience. Our teachers go above and beyond to offer an exciting curriculum that involves students in hands-on learning experiences that encourage creativity and exploration.

The Leading Edge Academy holds its students to high standards in the areas of academic achievement, attendance and behavior.  We expect our students to work to the best of their ability.  Families contribute 30 hours of service each year and commit to ongoing support and development of their student's academic portfolio.  In return, students leave our program well-equipped with pride, confidence, responsibility, knowledge and skills needed to excel beyond the middle school environment.

Academic Standards: High academic standards in alignment with the California state and national standards are expected in all courses. Students attend 7 classes per day (6 classes in 6th grade).  Students will have as much as two hours of homework each night.

Small Class Size: Class size averages 28 to1. After a transitional year in the 6th grade, students have the same teachers for their remaining two years in the program. Our small program size offers the opportunity to build strong academic relationships in which students can thrive.

Family Involvement: Parents in the Leading Edge Academy agree to volunteer 30 hours of service per school year.

Emphasis on Technology: Technology is an integral part of our school. It was established as one of our academy pillars. We believe that in order to be successful in an ever changing world, student must be able to consume and produce technology tools. Students utilize Google Apps for Education, Adobe creative products, Video Editing software, Chrome books, iPads and more. Students have opportunities to become certified in Google Power Searching and Advanced Power Searching. 

Individualized Assessment: Leading Edge students document their academic growth in 6th, 7th and 8th grade by developing an ongoing content portfolio. As part of their promotion criteria, students make presentations of these portfolios in which they demonstrate they have met the Leading Edge Requirements and are ready to attend high school.

After School Sports: The Leading Edge Academy is part of the Twin Rivers Athletic League and compete in boy's and girl's basketball, soccer, wrestling and track, as well as girl's volleyball.  Home games are played in our new gymnasium.  

Expressions Class: Students attend one period of Expressions class every day as part of the LE curriculum. Expressions develops leadership skills, promotes team building, and cultural literacy through the arts.

To learn more about the Leading Edge Academy, read our Mission and Vision Statements.