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Looking for Portfolio Panelists
Posted 4/12/19

Want an amazing way to inspire young people, support Leading Edge, and learn how you might help your own student prepare for their 8th-grade portfolio! 


Be a portfolio panelist.


Portfolio Panelists provide an authentic audience for students to present their 8th-grade portfolio.  Panelists are community members who work with the Leading Edge staff to hear and assess portfolio presentations.  This is an essential role in our school.


There is no experience or preparation necessary.  We will provide everything you need.  


Sadly, parents of current 8th-grade students are not permitted to sit on portfolio panels.  


Happily, parents of any other grade-level students are enthusiastically encouraged.  This is a fantastic way to prepare yourself to support your own student through 8th-grade portfolio or senior project presentations.  Other (non-parent) community members are also enthusiastically welcome.