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High School Transition Support (Email #3)
Posted 12/12/19


NCS High School Applications Now Available

Applications for PFAA and VLA high schools are now available.  If you are applying, please follow all the steps described in the application.  Leading Edge students applying to PFAA must still complete an audition process. Mrs. Novello will be supporting students in that process.  PFAA / VLA Preview Day is January 14th, at 9:15a.m. Parents and students are invited to attend and absences will be excused. Please RSVP HERE


High School Interest Form AND Letters of Recommendation

Many of you have already completed the high school interest and letter of recommendation request.  Thank you! If you have not yet completed it OR you aren’t sure if you completed it, you can do so (again) at THIS link before January 6.  (

For IB and CECA, Teachers will complete all of those recommendations and send them directly to Inderkum well before the February deadline.  We will not be handing individual recommendations to individual students.  


Inderkum Shadow Days

Many of you have already requested to sign your child up for the shadow days at Inderkum.  If you have not OR if you aren’t sure, you can still make the request (again) at THIS link before December 16.  (



We are frequently asked to describe the differences between the IB and CECA programs.  The best source of information on this subject are the program coordinators at Inderkum.  Jessica Downing ( is the IB program coordinator.  You can email for more information on the CECA program.  In general, we recommend the IB program for students who are demonstrate strong academic skills and top grades (4.5-6 on the LE grade scale).  The CECA program is intended for students with strong motivation and aspirations to pursue college, but may need some additional support with academic skills and structure.  These students are generally earning grades of 3.5-4.5 on the LE grade scale.


Other Letters of Recommendation and Transcript Packets

Just a reminder that we sent home transcript packets with all the information needed to apply to most area high schools in a special mailing in November.  Please do everything in your power to retain these copies. Please make copies from these originals. If you need additional copies, you must come into our office to obtain them.  

If you require letters of recommendation to schools other than Inderkum, we are happy to provide them.  Please request those directly of teachers. Please provide us with at least 2 weeks notice, as well as any envelopes or stamps needed to deliver those forms.


Suggestion Action Items

→ Complete the High School Interest/Rec Letter Google Form

→ Consider attending PFAA/VLA preview day on Jan 14

→ Finalize and submit applications to high school programs