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Message from Ms Goldman - March 23
Posted 3/23/20

Hello Leading Edge Families


We are one week in!  I hope that all continue to be healthy and in good spirits.  I have loved connecting with you, your students, and our staff in unique and different ways over the last week.  I look forward to continuing those connections.


Last week, Natomas Charter School Executive Director Joe Wood sent out a message about transitioning to distance learning over the next few weeks.  Leading Edge staff has been working to provide structure and support to guide families and students through that transition. Here is our first draft.  Note: for now all school work is still technically supplemental enrichment.  However, we strongly encourage your students to dive in. We welcome your feedback and will incorporate it over the next weeks.


One-Stop-Shop for Learning at Natomas Charter

Natomas Charter School is working to provide you with one place to find everything you need for distance learning.  Keeplearning@natomascharter will have all the Leading Edge specific links, as well as more general information on distance learning to serve all academies, teachers, and outside community members.  This is a work in progress. Please be patient with us.


Weekly Schedules with Flexibility

Following up on the many many requests for additional structure, we have created a weekly schedule for each grade level.  THIS video walks you through best practices for using these schedules.  All of the links that students need for the week are in the schedules.  There is also room to create some flexibility within these schedules.

Sixth Grade Schedule 7th Grade Schedule 8th Grade Schedule


Schoology and Assignment Guidelines

This week, teachers will post one assignment per subject area in Schoology.  Those assignments will be linked to the schedule. The GOAL is that Schoology assignments will contain an introductory video from the teacher and “chunking” guidelines to help students break up the work throughout the week (but that might take another week). 


Production Chats, Office Hours, and Connection Tools  

Face to face connection is a huge need right now.  In the weekly schedules, there are production chats or community circles for every student.  Please prioritize these to help our community stay connected. Also in the weekly schedules are office hours with each teacher.  This week, office hours are primarily for asking questions on assignments or general check-ins. We hope that these will grow into more “virtual lessons” but not yet.  This week these meetings will either be on Zoom or Google Meet. By next week, we will pick one platform to continue forward with.


On A Different Note…

Last call for yearbook orders! If you'd like to order one for this very memorable year, please go to using your Yearbook ID Code: 1133320. To check if you've already ordered, connect with your production teacher. Orders due by 3/29.


Families, you are doing a great job!  Keep it up. Keep connected. Come visit me in my office hours (MWF 9:15-10) for more connections.  By the end of this, we will all have earned our Tech Savvy and Shared Responsibility for Learning Pillar Awards.


Air hugs to all


Amanda Goldman, Academy Coordinator.