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Faculty and Staff

Check out THIS slideshow to meet all of our Leading Edge faculty and staff. 

Or email our staff by clicking the icon next to their name.

Contact Laura Bariel  Laura Bariel Teaching & Learning Director
Contact Jake Baumgartner  Jake Baumgartner 7th Grade Humanities
Contact Karisa Bibayoff  Karisa Bibayoff 6th Grade Core, Science & Technology
Contact Rose Ann Ducay  Rose Ann Ducay Attendance
Contact Addie Ellis  Addie Ellis Director of Student Services
Contact Amanda Goldman  Amanda Goldman Principal
Contact Rachel Loesch  Rachel Loesch Front Office Assistant
Contact Linda Mattsson-Boze  Linda Mattsson-Boze Academy Assistant
Contact Marcia Meindl  Marcia Meindl 6th Grade Core, Expressions
Contact Emily Finch  Emily Finch 7th Grade Math & Science
Contact Gabriel Nigro  Gabriel Nigro 8th Grade Humanitites
Contact Giselle Nobleza  Giselle Nobleza Education Specialist
Contact Jenell Novello  Jenell Novello 7th & 8th Grade Expressions
Contact Ronda Rufsvold  Ronda Rufsvold Special Education Program Specialist
Contact Trisha Sanchez  Trisha Sanchez 7th & 8th Grade Technology
Contact Molly Schmidt  Molly Schmidt Data Manager
Contact Tom Shane  Tom Shane Physical Education & Athletics
Contact Ting Sun  Ting Sun WASC & Leadership Development Coordinator
Contact Joanna Williams  Joanna Williams 8th Grade Math & Science
Contact Joe Wood  Joe Wood Executive Director