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LE Student Corner

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2015-16 Leading Edge Accept/Decline Response Form

Results from the 2015-16 Enrollment lottery for Leading Edge Academy have been published (see "News and Updates" Below).  Please check to posted results to see if your student has been accepted. Families are also being notified by mail.

If you have been accepted to Leading Edge for the 2015-16 school year, please use this LINK to submit your accept/decline response.  You may also return the paper response form that you receive by mail.  Please submit your response by April 15th.

If you have been placed on the waitlist, we will be contacting you with your waitlist number shortly and will alert you if any spots become available.

News and Updates

Leading Edge Lottery Results
Posted by: Linda Mattsson-Boze
Published: 3/25/15

Portfolio Updates

If you didn't get the email, here is the message we just sent home about portfolios and keeping 8th graders on track for success.


Dear 8th grade parents

Spring break has almost arrived.  We hope you have an excellent 2 weeks with your students and that they get the rest and rejuvenation they need to finish their last year strong.

With 8th grade winding down, portfolio time is almost upon us.  Students will be presenting their portfolios on May 14th and 15th.  They have been working hard in class to hone their ePortfolios.  They have been writing and revising their cover letters.  They have begun the first of many rounds of practice interviews.

We have checked in with students and believe most to be on track for success in this culminating project.  Even so, here are a few things you can be watching for over the next month that will help them stay on that track to portfolio success.

  • Look at your student’s ePortfolio.  Look for professional layout and help them edit for typos and grammar.
  • Students should have evidence of their best work samples embedded in their ePortfolios.
  • Students have already written draft responses to their interview questions.  Many could benefit from help refining those answers to greater depth and reflectiveness

You should be able to access information about your student's ePortfolio and see their written responses to interview questions through their Technology class on Schoology.  ThePortfolio Handbook can be found on our website.


Amanda Goldman, Academy Coordinator

Posted by: Amanda Goldman
Published: 3/25/15

Spring Break is (almost) here

Happy Spring Leading Edge Families.  Just a reminder that Spring Break is coming right up.  We will be on break from Monday March 30 through Friday April 10.

Leading up to break Leading Edge ASB is hosting a Rally Wednesday morning from 9:20-9:45 in the gym and LEAP is sponsoring movie night Friday at 3:30.  We are showing Big Hero 6.  $3 for pizza and snacks.

Posted by: Amanda Goldman
Published: 3/23/15


Field Trips, Fairy Tales, and Stage Craft

Leading Edge 8th graders spent last week in Ashland, Oregon seeing plays and training with the Oregon Shakespeare Festival.  A great experience in its own right, this trip is preparing them to prepare their own theatrical productions of fairly tales that they will perform for area elementary schoolers.

Check out these pics of the stage make-up and stage fighting workshops.

IMG_20150304_155058_rewind.jpg IMG_20150304_164413_rewind.jpg IMG_20150304_164543_rewind.jpg
IMG_20150305_141808_rewind.jpg IMG_20150305_145727_rewind.jpg IMG_20150305_144032_rewind.jpg


Posted by: Amanda Goldman
Published: 3/9/15

Kindness at every turn

FullSizeRender_1.jpg     IMG_1750.JPG

 IMG_1754.JPG     IMG_1755.JPG

Leading up to Valentine's Day and in conjunction with this year's school wide kindness campaign, Leading Edge production classes competed in a door decorating contest.  Each production class had 1 week to create a door cover that represented both the kindness theme and the subject taught in that classroom.  Congrats to Ms Feeney's 8th graders for being the overall winners.  Congrats to all students for their daily representation of how kindness matters.

Posted by: Amanda Goldman
Published: 2/18/15

About the Leading Edge Academy

The Leading Edge Academy was founded in 1993 and has earned a reputation for academic excellence, maintaining a safe and supportive learning environment and having a faculty of outstanding teachers. Our cross-curricular, three-year program links subjects together for a well-rounded and connected educational experience. Our teachers go above and beyond to offer an exciting curriculum that involves students in hands-on learning experiences that encourage creativity and exploration.

The Leading Edge Academy holds its students to high standards in the areas of academic achievement, attendance and behavior.  We expect our students to work to the best of their ability.  Families contribute 30 hours of service each year and commit to ongoing support and development of their student's academic portfolio.  In return, students leave our program well-equipped with pride, confidence, responsibility, knowledge and skills needed to excel beyond the middle school environment.

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The Natomas Charter School shall be nonsectarian in its programs, admissions policies, employment practices and all other operations, shall not charge tuition, and shall not discriminate against any pupil on the basis of ethnicity, national origin, gender or disability.


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* Building Leadership 

* Global Thinking

* Cultural Diversity

* Technical Savvy 

* Critical Thinking 


Why Students and Teachers Love Leading Edge!

Student Showcase

Digital Earthquake Storybooks

These were written by our sixth grade students who were asked to find an earthquake from the past that happened on their birthdate (via USGS). They then wrote a news report and a historical fiction account based on the event. Click on the image below to read a book from the shelf. 

Earthquake Books.jpg