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Mission and Vision



The mission of the Natomas Charter School's Leading Edge Academy is to prepare middle school students not only for high school but for the challenges of the 21st century. The Leading Edge Academy will enable students to become life-long learners by developing a solid foundation in technology, providing community involvement opportunities, and promoting students' and parents' active participation in the learning process through a hands-on, cross curricular three year program. All students will be held to high academic and behavioral standards and will leave well-equipped with pride, confidence, responsibility, and the knowledge needed to excel beyond the middle school environment.


  • continued and active "real-life" learning (e.g. job shadowing, community service, hands-on curriculum and field studies).
  • experience in the major strands of mathematical learning including a repertoire of problem solving approaches, basic computation skills and real life correlations.
  • the knowledge of and ability to demonstrate basic skills in reading, writing and speaking and the ability to understand and express ideas about important human issues through literature and writing.
  • a knowledge of the interactions and contributions of various cultures, the themes of geography, and the values that constitute the basis of our society.
  • a basic understanding of technology and its applications in and outside of the classroom.
  • a knowledge of science and it's applications in the real world, including scientific methods of inquiry, and the philosophy of science, and a basic core of knowledge in the major strands of scientific thought.
  • exposure to the visual and performing arts, and the acquisition of the skills necessary to understand and participate in them.
  • an understanding that a healthy lifestyle, physical fitness, nutrition contribute to one's well being.

​Our cross-curricular, three year program links subjects together for a well-rounded and connected educational experience. Our students will leave well-equipped with pride, confidence, a sense of responsibility, and the knowledge needed to excel beyond the middle school environment.